Zynga Poker is not like real poker!
You need to realize this.
Sure theres still some emotional attachment to the methode keno money, but no where close compared to when its real money.
You get to see what the other players are doing with their bets which can reveal a lot about their hand strength, then you get to choose what. They think they can bluff people off hands, and in turn they always feel they are being bluffed.I would raise it up to 1k, but even then some people might still be calling because they figure its only.Weitere Informationen zu unseren Cookies und dazu, wie du die Kontrolle darüber behältst, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie.If you are looking for Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem Online Generator, you are in the right place!You are probably even one of these people.There is practically never anyone folding to raises, so never ever bluff without a super good read on your opponent.75 of poker players think theyre better than 75 of other poker players.
If you have K-K, you want to chase out the people that would call with 5-6 or 8-10, etc.If your opponent has any spade in his hand, hes got a whopping 9 outs to beat you.Doing this will simply not work.If you dont improve, do not bet, simple as that.In a real money game, you wouldnt be raising or even calling 6-7 offsuit or A-10 when youre first to act in a hand for example, yet people do this in Zynga poker all the time.Whats funny is that people will call that all in shove with equally bad hands.Dont get frustrated when you see some all in donkey at your table with 5 times the amount of chips youre sitting with.Bet enough to keep the person in the pot, dont price him out if you think hes not as much of a crazy player as most are who will shove all in over your bet with a garbage hand.You dont even call trash like.Bet sizing is an art and you can only get better at it by paying attention to who youre playing with.Dont think about the here and now, think about the long term.I play currently at the 200k buyin tables, and I can tell you even raising 7k preflop, you will still have people showing down garbage hands on the river.What are the chances of this guy not folding now if you shove all in while hoping your top 2 pair holds on the river?Careful raising in the blinds because you will be first to act the next street.