Differences between these tariff rates and rates appearing on customer bills may result due to timing lags between the posting of rates and rate components in the Tariff Book and the implementation of these rates in the SCE billing system.
The purpose of SCE's Tariff Books are to document approved tariff changes.In addition, even though the posted pokerstars douglas iom total billing rates may not have changed, certain rate components that make up the total billing rates may have changed and may be different than the corresponding rate components that appear on subsequent bills.Please direct any questions to one of the following SCE help lines: Tariffs may not be waived, altered, or amended in any respect, unless authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission.Please note: Tariffs without effective dates in the lower right-hand corner of the tariff are considered effective pending final review by the California Public Utilities Commission.Moreover, if there are differences between this material and the tariffs, the tariffs shall prevail.Slight modifications may occur upon completion of this final review.Any discrepancies between tariff rates and billed rates will be adjusted in future bills.Get exclusive access to the latest stories, photos, and video as only." beste slot voor motor - Sur la croix!
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