This is also the perfect place to get those cool Instagram shots of Copenhagen at least I found myself stopping every few meters to snap another photo.
Seriously though, if you want to instantly make a place cosy, line the walls with books.
I think it must be a Norwegian thing.Poke holes all over tout les casino barriere the cake using the bottom of a wooden mixing spoon.But guys, it turns out winter in Copenhagen is actually quite magical!And if that Norwegian thing is contagious I think I must have caught it, because I really loved my time in Copenhagen.But I do love visiting botanical gardens in the winter, as the greenhouses always make for a lovely tropical escape from the cold!Mine had an amazing view of the city hall square.Lena also recommended a trip to the Copenhagen Botanical Garden, but I didnt end up having time before my train to Gothenburg the next day.And if youre wondering about my trip to the Faroe Islands, Im still going through all of my photos and video footage, but I have already posted my first vlog from the trip: 435shares.Dronning Louises Bridge to the, torvehallerne food market two big market halls full of stands with local produce, restaurants, bakeries, bars and coffee shops.Faroe Islands included a stop in Copenhagen, I wasnt sure if I should spend time there or not.Plus their poke bowl is delicious!
Travel Monkey, whom I met in Finland in January, lives in Copenhagen.Spread the Cool Whip mixture over the top of the cake.I guess in my head its just such a summery place, so I was nervous about Copenhagen winter!So simple, yet so effective.In fact my friend, teru whom I had been in the Faroe Islands with also said I had to visit a super trendy restaurant here called.Ive been feeling quite guilty about the number of flights I have planned over the next couple of months, sorry planet.

And of course we had to stop.
Im new to this season in Copenhagen, but for me the best Copenhagen winter activities all revolved around one thing: getting cosy.
Speaking of Instagram, apparently the area around the intersection.