wow item number slots

561 ArcHUD Combat HUD based on NurfedHUD 555 BGAssist Handy stuff Battlegrounds 553 AceLoot Automatically positions the most relevant part of the loot window under your routing a slot car track cursor.
If not, just read on and Im sure youll start to understand once you loto 11 08 17 see them in the context of the various macros.
oir itemLink any text OiLvL Roll Frame itemlink - the link get from shift-click any gear dropped by boss in any raid any text - mean any text such as MS OS Result: for example: /oir Six-Eyed Band MS OS If the user is raid.
This addon liberates them.Ive also added Dismiss Pet to this macro to save a little action bar space.Show WoD Raid progression of all raiders in party / instance / raid to Target / Party / Instance / Guild / Raid / Officer on tooltips.Type /sk or /petskills for a list of commands.use Stormpike Battle Standard /use Alliance Battle Standard III.Configuration of O Item Level frame can be done in World of Warcraft Interface Options Addons panel.280 Accountant Tracks your spending.3316 X-Perl RaidFrames X-Perl Raid frames 3246 Enchantrix Display information in item tooltips pertaining to the results of disenchanting said item.This macro functions similarly to our old Freezing Arrow spell putting two oft-used functions into one key press. .Find more players for your group 463 glock Warlock Utilities 459 Discord Library Common library for all mods by Lozareth.
1432 Bagnon-Options A configuration menu for Bagnon 1418 X-Perl Raid Helper Replaces ctra MT Targets window with extra functionality 1418 QuestLink Allows sending quest as link 1405 TinyTip Adds reaction coloring 1371 Titan Panel Performance Adds FPS and Garbage collection information to Titan Panel 1351.
O, item, level (OiLvL last Updated: Game Version:.1.0, description.
307 cgCrafty Adding quick search functionality to the crafting window.863 PetFeeder Version 850 CleanMinimap Provides total control over your minimap.Also remembers any Auction alerts 523 ClassIcons Displays class icons near your target's and party members' portraits 511 TinyTipExtras Adds extra features to your tooltip 510 Fizzwidget Disenchant Predict A quick reference to sources of Enchanting materials.2327 BuffWatch Keeps track of buffs on party members in a small window and highlights them if they have run out 2301 SW Stats Shadow Warrior Damage Stats 2137 Titan Panel Clock Adds a clock to Titan Panel 2134 TotemTimers Melki's Totem Timers w/ Totem.682 KillMore Displays estimated mobs needed for next level based on last kill 676 SmartBuff Cast the most important buffs on you or party/raid members/pets.cast!Trap Launcher /cast Freezing Trap Freezing Trap Macro Sometimes I may be in melee range and wont want to fiddle with Trap Launcher as Im trying to CC a target or create some separation.If you have a Ferocity Pet it will add Lick Your Wounds or cast Heart of the Phoenix if your pets dead.35177, mobHealth Displays current and maximum health numbers for targeted mobs.Set Key binding to show raid progression when mouseover target frame in raid / party.Carnival - PvP/PvE Enemy Cast Bar 58890, equipCompare, compare items easily with ones you have equipped (2.9.8) 45202.The raid frames will be auto-refreshed when there is any raider leaving / joining the party / raid.278 ZoneLevel Adds a graphical indicator of mob levels in a zone as related to your level.11158 Mikes Scrolling Battle Text Scrolls battle information around the character model.

Ctrl left click the unit frame in OiLvL frame.
So, I decided to make a super simple macro that would plant either my Stormpike Battle Standard (if in AV) or my Alliance Battle Standard (if in any other BG) with one key press.
193 BookOfCrafts Helps remembering which recipe is known and by whom.