New Casino 3 - don't know, but pretty sure this will be a casino soon!
Bao Long Casino - (at Ya Duo Li) - Ocheteaul Beach.
kampongsom City Casino Hotel, near the Golden Lions, Ocheteaul Beach.
Probably on-line only * Gan Dao (Aqua Resort) Casino - Ocheteaul Beach * Morgan Casino - Hawaii Beach. .Hulk Casino - Online only?open soon * La Vogue Boutique Hotel Casino - Serendipity Beach. .Victory Beach * Tang Yu Casino - Ocheteaul Beach.Won Majestic Casino - Coming Soon. .Goddess of Liberty Casino - behind Independence Beach * Casino Hai Tun Wan - Victory Hill slot machine a sous gratuit machine * KQJ Imperial Casino - Ocheteaul Beach. .oriental Pearl Casino - Ocheteaul Beach.
So what do Chinese gamblers do to play?
Cicuicust Casino - if that is the name. .
King Pei II - Sokha Beach. . The local Cambodian alternative.These have a buy-in (usually 300 to 800 and above) and you get a free room. . On Sokha Beach.The God of Wealth Casino - Ocheteaul Beach. .Open Soon * Blue veste capuche lotto Bay Casino - Independence Beach. .golden Royal Hotel - Right on Hawaii Beach.sokha Vegas Casino at Sokha Resort is expanding, and has a full range of gaming machines and tables, right next to the hotel. .Open Soon * Paramount 168 Casino - Ocheteaul Beach. .GTI Entertainment Casino - Ocheteaul Beach. .

(and that doesn't count on-line only casinos either) holiday Palace Casino is on Victory Beach, and has over 100 rooms.
Casino Lian Hang - Downtown * Xicheng International Casino - Klang Leu (top of the hill) * Some Other Casino - Ocheteaul Beach * Old Freedom Bar Casino - Downtown. .