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You are discussing your holiday trip.
Further we will go with avoir de l'argent paypal avec son forfait a caravan and if everything is in the order, the day after tomorrow we will reach the Base camp.(mia vi ver á m).On board the plane.You are getting a tourist visa.Í kvöld (mia vi ver á m).8,0 Mjög gott.429 umsagnir Excellent location, only 5 minutes from the beach.Vladimir Leonenko All three of them participated in the first expedition in Chinese Tien Shan in 2002.Our first expedition in 2002 allowed to make researches with the object of sports opportunities of several glaciers, opportunities for passage of new passes and making new ascents.14.07.04 - we made traverse of the third top (5650 m) and climbed some cornices.The traffic can be bad so it can take a long time to travel between places and its a little bit expensive and the beach is a stone beach not sand.
922-3621, 7 (095) 708-7779, e-mail.You have got a wrong number.Tien Shan is a very whimsical area (1.04.2004) In the summer, 2004 a team led by Anatoliy Juliy plans the second expedition to Central Tien Shan mountains (the area of peak Tomur - peak Pobeda) from the China part.Aeins í takmarkaan tíma Villa: Vinsamlegast sláu inn gilt malaysia poker player arrested tölvupóstfang Villa: ví miur.Voennykh (Army) Topographers peak en face and in profile.Auvelt a ferast arna um me lest.Taking into account the certain financial difficulties at the majority of the participants, we ask to consider the problem of sponsor's support.13.07.04 - we made traverse of the second top (5620 m 6,5 pitches, four of them appeared very difficult.Tomorrow we will leave the base camp and at good transport joinings on July 28 - 30 we will be able already to be in Moscow.Weather was rather good.