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Kickmsg, the message to be included with the kick of the poke-abusing user.
To run script you must type./ in your console.Now use /lua run mp or /lua run mm commands.Set as y for yes and n for.Customizing, open the a file inside the folder where you've put.Maxtime, the maximum time interval in seconds for spamming to be accounted for.The instalation method is: 1) Download and extract at /teamspeak3 folder/plugins/lua_plugins 2) Open Teamspeak Settings Control Plugins and "ticket" the Lua Pluguin option.
Recmsg, the message (PM) to be sent to the user that has poked you.
AutoReply aims to automate poke replying for TeamSpeak.Rabaty, rabaty za dłuższy czas dzierżawy 3 miesiące 1 6 mm loto quebec meteogrand mere qc miesięcy 2 9 miesięcy 3 12 miesięcy 5 jeżeli klient posiada juz rabat stałego klienta to jest on także odliczany od wartości usługi.3) Type on the chat /lua load a (you have to do this command every time you open the Teamspeak, so save this command).Updated on 17:47:16, features, support, downloads myTeamSpeak.After this time the count resets.(0 members and 1 guests).