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Times, Sunday Times (2017)What if the tax man goes poking around?
Bases include sushi rice or greens, and from there customers choose a protein like raw or marinated tuna or salmon.THE BIG lazies If you're in Alabama and have a strong inclination to idleness, you can say youve got the big lazies.Lawrence Now you can add Lawrence or lazy Lawrence to your repertoire of slacker nicknames.The word is mainly found in New England.Dont-care-ISH, in Louisiana and Alabama African-American vernacular, the lazy and indifferent are dont-care-ish and dont-care-ified : bac a roulette pour bois Shes so dont-care-ish about work lately.The Sun (2015)From then on, it was a matter of watching the fire, poking in more sticks as the embers burnt low.Nesbit The Treasure Seekers (1899)One mannequin has a taped mouth and a missing hand, while an arm pokes from a drawer.You might say to someone sleeping on the job.In Wisconsin, Kentucky, and South Carolina, a sooner or sooner man is someone whos quick, clever, and enterprisingin other words, someone who gets things done sooner rather than later.
A" from Cape Cod, Massachusetts: He aint got no more sprawl to him n day-old kitten!
But even if youre feeling lazy, your vocabulary doesnt have.
Found in scattered regions including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Ozarks, Lawrence is also used as a personification of laziness and sometimes in reference to the shimmering of the air observed on hot days, according to dare.How brittle figures into the former meaning is uncertain.However, in the Appalachian slot aanhangwagen monteren region, the term was reinterpreted to mean the opposite: disinclined to work or lazy.Slowcome, a slowcome is slow to come: a lethargic person or someone whos always late.Iain Gale Man of Honour (2007)The piece also poked fun at claims that he was one of the few to spot the downturn coming.Times, Sunday Times (2016)The owner of a local gun shop pokes his head out of the door suspiciously as I take a photograph of his frontage.An earlier meaning of sozzle, poker zetony wartosc according to the OED, is a sloppy spoon-meat or medicine.According to the OED, the origin of Lawrence meaning lazy might simply come from the alliteration of the two words.