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Which of ALL_users and local_machine?
Alternatively it could be stored in the Registry somewhere - but where?
Close, category, security Software Utilities Operating Systems Productivity Software Business Software.PuTTY stores its loto cena stavky configuration and host keys in the registry under hkey_current_user, because we think that by and large that is the best single location for the job.However, not everybody agrees, and often for good reason.After some consideration, I think that probably the simplest thing would be for each config location (current_user, ALL_users, local_machine and disk files) to contain a single "Priority" field - so that a sysadmin could arrange for either of ALL and local to have higher priority.If you want to comment on this web site, see the Feedback page.or in one single place?User Rating up up up up, category, back.
You can make a case for either one either way.
(last revision of this bug record was at 17:30:51 0000).Audit trail for this wish.Another question is how to tell PuTTY about a disk file.(Supports convenient run from a pen-drive' operation.) Finally, although the above design makes it obvious how PuTTY should read its configuration, how should it write it?But which of current_user and a disk file takes priority?Blocks : cmdline-any-option config-struct priority : medium: This should be fixed one day.Should PuTTY look for a disk file in the directory it was run from, and if found, use that in the first instance?It seems fairly obvious that hkey_current_user or a disk file represent the choices of an individual user, and therefore they should override hkey_ALL_users or hkey_local_machine which merely set defaults over a large number of users.Within one of these interchangeable config locations (in which case, what happens if a disk file specifies another disk file?Home, fAQ, feedback, licence, updates, mirrors, keys.Popular Apps, best Apps, news, cNET, close.When the user wants to save a config change, where should it be saved to?Should that be allowed?

The major difficulty with this work is one of design: if there are contradictory things stored in several of these locations, which one should take priority?
(See the docs for a current hack to do this, which assumes you have write access to your registry.) Sysadmins could very well want to store system-wide configuration in hkey_ALL_users or hkey_local_machine.