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Flamethrowers pose many risks to the operator.
In 1939, the Wehrmacht first deployed man-portable flamethrowers against the Polish Post Office in Danzig.
Flame thrower operators did not usually face a fiery death from the slightest spark or even from having their tank hit by a normal bullet as often depicted in modern war films.More common, however, a driptorch or a flare (fusee) is used.They have been deemed of questionable effectiveness in modern combat.26 One defensive installation found in Italy included seven of the weapons, carefully concealed and wired to a central control point.41 Another IRA unit attacked a British Army watchtower, the Borucki sangar, with an improvised flamethrower towed by a tractor in Crossmaglen, on 12 November 1993.Bibliography edit McNab, Chris (2015).Greek fire, extensively used by the Byzantine Empire, is said to have been invented by Kallinikos of Heliopolis, probably about 673.Thermobaric weapons 38 have been fielded in Afghanistan by the United States.
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All the flamethrower tanks on Okinawa were supplied and manned by Army troops and often supported Marine infantry.
The weapon had an effective range of 990 yards, which proved effective at clearing trenches, but with no other benefit the project was abandoned.
These were known as satan flame tanks.