First ran photomaton casino fresnes from 1984 to 1995.
Other characters, such as Patti, Rubella and RastaRat make occasional appearances.
Dudley Watkins Keeper of the Crooked Cross George Ramsbottom The King's got a Tail Dudley Watkins Down with Lord Haw-Haw Jack Glass The White Mouse will Get You Dudley Watkins Little Noah's Ark Two Prose series.Wednesday, Kimberly, and London play, strip, spin kenora sightseeing -the.Bottle 6 years ago09:38, flaschendrehen - deutsche swinger club gangbang usertreffen party mit teen 3 months ago12:10, jOI spin bottle game jerk instruction 3 years ago09:49.George Drysdale 286 306 Sammy Shrinko Allan Morley 287 335 Sticky Willie Unknown 300 303 Wavy Davy and his Navy Dudley Watkins 301 316 Alf Wit the Ancient Brit About a caveman.Previously appeared in The Beezer Book.First ran from 1962 to 1963.There have currently been 206 different comic strips in The Beano since the comic began in 1938.The issue following the 75th Anniversary Special in 2013 introduced a new text story called Diary of an Ugly Kid, which disappeared later that year.First from issue 464 on to issue 487 on 17 November 1951 and the second from issue 503 on to issue 512 on Bill Holroyd 464 512 Willie's Wonder Gun James Clark 483 499 Multy the Millionaire Richard Cox 500 559 Wee Davie Seven series.Short lived Bash Street Kids spinoff David Sutherland Dangerous Dan The strip is about a boy who thinks he is a secret agent and believes that an organisation called smirk, (Secret Ministry of Intelligent Rotters Komittee) is conspiring against him.A sequel story ran in 1949 entitled 'Keeper of the Magic Sword'.
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The stories follow the lives of a group of rats who live in the sewers beneath Beanotown, the main characters being Keef (the nominal leader Rod (a spiv and Herman, their naive sidekick.Fourth from 2004 to 2005.Second from 1977 to 1984.Reprinted from 1950 to 1951 under the title 'Bob in the Bottle ' James Crighton Jimmy's Mother Wouldn't Run Away Jack Gordon The Goat with the Magic Wand James Crighton The Girl with the Golden Voice Originally appeared in 1943.Dudley Watkins Black Flash the Beaver Richard Baines Granny Green Originally ran from 1938 to 1939.First ran from 1949 to 1951.Only appeared in two issues.First from issue 1 on to issue 89 on Second entitled Wee Peem's Magic Pills ran from issue 486 on 10 November 1951 to issue 507 on Third series with the title changed to just Wee Peem ran from issue 714 on to issue 765.Currently the Beano has been home to 371 different strips with a further seventeen strips appearing.Second from 1980 to 1987.Adventure strips were phased out in 1975 with the last adventure strip being, general Jumbo however there have been unsuccessful attempts to reintroduce adventure strips with new series.During their lifetime in The Beano there were 79 different prose stories of which 15 also appeared as Adventure strips.Robert Nixon Chip The Stone Age Boy John Dallas Have-A-Go Jo David Mostyn Camp Cosmos About an inter-galactic holiday camp.

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These were similar to other text stories found in older story papers and featured a prose story usually of one or two pages (they could be longer in the annuals) and often featured an illustration at the top of the page with the title.