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At first glance, Soldier's Life looks like it is going to be yet another lewd visual novel game, but in reality, it is far more than that.

Soldier's life

While there is a lot of visual novel aspects of the game. It is also a corruption game and it has a lot of strategy and simulation elements at play too.

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It is a very well-made game and a game that I ended up playing through more than once as I was having so much fun with it. The game is set in a fantasy world and we play as a soldier called Payton. A Soldier's Life is very hard as you are under the command of a very strict and brutal woman called Vanora.

Download soldier's life

She bosses you around and makes your life miserable, but that all changes one day when a powerful lich attacks and you are someone the only one through dumb luck who survives. You are branded a hero and you are put in charge and now Vanora must serve you! The idea of the game is that you need to corrupt her and put her in her place.

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I was very surprised at how in-depth the gameplay of a Soldier's Life turned out to be. While there are many moments where you are reading text and having to respond accordingly. You also have a lot more going on.

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The game has you in a hub world and you can venture out to fight monsters. You want to start out a bit closer to home as the monsters there are easier to fight. You have four different troops at your disposal and if you win a battle you get gold and fame.

Download porn game soldier’s life – version

Gold is used for your stats and fame is used to upgrade stuff. There is a skill system in play here that I found interesting.

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Not only do you need to work on the three skills for yourself, but you also need to try and stop Vanora from working on her skills to lower her self-worth. The game has three different endings for you to checkout. I was very impressed at just how much gameplay was on offer here.

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Soldier's Life is a tremendous looking game. There is a nice amount of sex scenes in the game and even though some of them are not completed they do have descriptions I found what was on offer here to be great.

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There is a nice amount of detail to the backgrounds in the game. So much so that I do kind of wish that this was a game that allowed you to walk around in the first or third-person as it looks like it would be a fun place to go and explore. I enjoy a good corruption game and I have to say that Soldier's Life is one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure to play.

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It features a great character in Vanora and it is certainly packed with some great XXX content. However, what sets this apart from many of the others that I have played over the years is the fact that this one is also a damn fine video game from a gameplay point of view too!

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