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The internet has changed how kids learn about sex, but sex ed in the classroom still sucks.

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In Sex Ed 2. Some say the best way to learn is to do. We learn math by doing math problems. We learn the complexities of chemistry by completing chemistry labs. We learn to write with purpose by writing academic arguments. This presents a unique problem for sex education. A problem that sexed games games may be able to solve. Sex is a vital part of humanity, and sex ed is a vital part of a well-rounded education. There's a strong case for integrating video games into sex ed, whether that's supplementing sex ed classes with existing games that explore sex and sexuality, or developing new games for the purpose of sex education.

Getting interactive

Given the interactive nature of video games, their capacity for privacy, and the familiarity that many adolescents already have with games, when used correctly, games could be an incredibly effective tool for students. Interactivity can make a huge difference in learning. Sure, sexed games people may do just fine with lectures and note-taking, but for some people like me it helps to actually visualize something and do it. In sex ed, games would offer a way to get interactive with the subject without actually requiring students to get their hands dirty, so to speak.

When thinking about sex ed, the classic scene that comes to mind is putting a condom on a banana, simulating safe sex practices, which Nina Freeman, a developer at indie game company Fullbright, brought up when asked about how video games could be a tool for sex ed.

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Freeman, who created the acclaimed game how do you Do It? Freeman equated the act of putting a condom on a banana to a game-like experience, and in that sense it could be a very effective way of conveying information. While that's just one example of interactivity, when you involve video games the sky is the limit for interactive scenarios, allowing students or players who just want to learn more to learn about and work through different sexed games effectively.

Freeman's approach to game de involves allowing players to embody another person and see the world from their perspective, kind of like a form of theater.

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Imagine a game where players navigate through a scene with two individuals and being able to witness, partake in, and examine what a conversation around consent might look like, and perhaps learn what doesn't constitute as consent. Of course, as Freeman noted, every student is different and could benefit from different methods of education. Robert Yang, a game developer and professor at New York University, is a bit dubious on how educational a game by itself can be.

I'd like to

Personally, on this issue, I'm in the more skeptical camp," Yang said. Games by themselves can't deliver a well-rounded education on a certain topic, just like simply reading a required book won't necessarily allow you to understand its nuances.

Discussions lead to deeper understanding, but games could certainly help in getting those conversations started. Yang, who has developed games that center around sex and relationships like No Stars, Only Constellationssaid he's been told that his games are sometimes used in sex ed classes.

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You still get to talk about your actions and experiences as a participant, but it's not your personal real-life sex life being put on trial. Not only that, games can inspire reflection for students in how they relate to what they are being presented with. Sex, especially for adolescents, can be a very awkward topic, and perhaps even a bit horrifying for some.

Art-inspired community-based us sex education

For those who aren't comfortable in a group setting, a video game could be a helpful way to learn about sex and sexuality in private. The game could be an app for smartphones — something that many students have — or available on computers, giving students the ability to learn about sex and sexuality from the privacy of their homes and in a way that they're already comfortable with.

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That added sexed games may give students the ability to reflect on their own sexuality and explore their own feelings in an environment where they don't feel like they're being examined or judged. Of course in education, as Freeman pointed out, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to delivering information in a meaningful way, but being open to approaching topics like sex ed in different ways could lead to some really impactful lessons. With something as ubiquitous and important to life as sex, receiving a thorough education and actually remembering what we're taught can be life-altering.

The medium of video games is there. We just need to tap into it.

Sex ed on the cards: changing the conversation around sex, bodies, consent and relationships

Social Good. Why video games should be used to teach sex ed. Related Video: The history of video game sex scenes is incredibly unsexy.

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Just don't binge it. If you're a fan of shows like "Lost" and "Fringe," where episodes raise more questions than answers, then "Last Stop" is for you. Video games are coming to Netflix for all subscribers It'll be focused on mobile games at first.

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But upstairs in the Teen Facts gallery, an area dedicated solely to puberty and sex, unsuspecting parents might be forced into a quick decision: proceed with the kids, or hightail it to another exhibit?


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