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You know, swing lifestyle to-dos. I decided to get things started with some of my personal sexual wish-list itemsalong with some from my friends — and you guys can submit your own to help us all go from Vanilla to Sex God in a few just a few easy checks off of the list! Voyeurism: Both of you watch another couple.


Best sex games for couples and friends

Most people play card games, drinking games, video games and even old-fashioned games like eye spy but not me and my group of friends. We all gather at one of our places and we play some raunchy sex games. We are quite a large group, most of us with partners, a mixture of men and women who just all happen to like the same sorts of games. We get together once a month, we choose the date that suits us all best via our Whatsapp group, we all bring a bottle of something, some snacks and the party begins, it seems pretty sex games for friends, right?

The cards each have a different sex position, we spin a bottle, and the two people it lands on must perform this position, you can skip once but only once or you are punished by the group. You can perform this position fully clothed or naked and you can also seduce the person you are paired with before getting to the position, so long as the whole group can watch.

We also have a rule where you have to stay in this position for 60 seconds, using that time however you wish. We also use this trio of sex dicewe roll them into the middle of the circle taking turns using them and then spinning a bottle, just like with the sex cards to choose who you use the dice with.

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The dice have endless possibilities and they will either tell you something romantic or something naughty to do to your chosen partner. The dice tell you where, how, and what to do to their body. We had been drinking, quite a lot actually.

28 sex acts you must explore before you die!

It was the weekend of the 4th of July and we all had nowhere better to be than at an air BnB on the beach. It was such a fun weekend up to that point, we had spent the last few days in bikinis and swimming shorts, couples were happy and even the singles amongst us were happy.

One thing that we all had in common that weekend was that we were all very horny. It was all just a joke at first, we all knew how horny everyone was so it had turned into a bit of a joke.

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The first few spins everyone remained clothed, well in bikinis and pool shorts, the sex positions were performed and everyone cheered and laughed but there was something in the air, everyone wanted it to go a little bit further. The bottle span again and we all watched as two of the singles took to the circle and performed the sex position but this time she removed her bikini top and his boner was completely visible. Nobody said anything, we were all just horny.

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Someone span the bottle again, leaving them both making out with enticing passion. It landed on a couple who took to the center of the circle, they peered round at us before she removed her bikini bottoms and he slipped out his thick erect cock and slid it into her. My mouth was wide open and my own pussy was dripping wet. None of us said anything as we watched in jealousy and lust.

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The couple began to giggle, breaking us all from our trance. We all knew then that the game now had a new meaning, we all had to step to the mark and actually perform the sex positions no matter who the bottle picked.

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The bottle span again and again and all of us had to step up to the circle and do what we wanted to do. The thrill made my stomach flip with excitement, seeing my friends fuck and being fucked by my friends was like being inside of one of my naughty dreams. We met in the middle of the horny circle and began removing our swimwear, our sex position was the missionary position and feeling his cock filling me up made me moan.

He fucked me so well, my friend was so lucky to have him every night. His girlfriend leant down to me and began making out with me, my mind was racing. Everyone was making out and still spinning the bottle and picking up the card they had to play, everyone actually fucked and everyone got to try something different. There was no jealousy, just pure, erotic fucking.

28 sex acts you must explore before you die!

When we all got home after that weekend we vowed to do it again once a month come rain or shine, we all loved it too much. We are still a normal friend group we just fuck and play sex games with cards and dice. I would love to play this game, sounds like an amazing adventure! This inspired me and my friends to gather up and do this with the cards and the dice! And my oh my it was pretty fun irl but now we do it over ZOOM.

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Thanks for the links! XOXO Lila. Comments That was hot.

A night playing sex games with my friends

Sounds like one heck of a good time to me but I doubt I could ever get my wife to do that. I would love to play games like that! Me and my girl are into that. My cock is throbbing hard. Love the game.

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I would love to play. Very hot and satisfying experience. Please invite me.

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Group of swingers nasty game and enjoyed massive orgy 6 min.




Group of swingers nasty game and enjoyed massive orgy 6 min.


We are here to give you the recipe for a fun-filled naughty night with your friends!