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Esprit de l'escalier "wit of the stairs" : a concise, clever statement you don't think of until too late,.g.
In modern use: holding strong republican views.Someone who sees; a peeping tom.This treaty was abolished in 1905 (law Church-State separation) but is still in use in Alsace-Lorraine (those territories were under German administration during 18711918) confrère a colleague, esp.The beginning of the French Revolution in 1789; used to refer to the Revolution itself and its ideals.Raison d'être "reason for being" : justification or purpose of existence rapport to be in someone's "good graces to be in synch with someone; "I've developed andy richter pok pok a rapport with my co-workers main games poker gratis French for: relationship rapprochement the establishment of cordial relations, often used in diplomacy reconnaissance.Beaux-Arts monumental architectural style of the early 20th century made famous by the Académie des Beaux-Arts beaucoup plenty, lots of, much; merci beaucoup: thanks a lot; misused in slang, for example "beaucoup money" (French would add the preposition de : "beaucoup d'argent especially in New.In French, it refers to a woman's chest (from shoulder to waist) squirrel poker reviews and, by extension, the part of a woman's garment which covers this area.Carte d'identité identity card.Appliqué an inlaid or attached decorative feature.
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