His "opponent" is a arvn Colonel.
It's identified as a Pre-Model 10 M P from its hammer configuration.
Is this a blued model?Interestingly, De Niro shoots right-handed when using a handgun (particularly in the famous Russian Roulette scenes) and when using the flamethrower.(From left) John Cazale, Chuck Aspegren, Robert De Niro, John Savage, and Christopher Walken.Want to See, add Rating, want to See, the.A shot of a Norinco Type 56 next to a dead VietCong after the firefight.Browning M2HB.50 BMG in vehicle mounting An M2 mounted on an APC.Colt Detective Special 3rd Gen -.38 Special.Michael persuades Steven to leave the hospital and takes him home to Angela.
Toy Single Action Army What appears to be a toy Single Action Army is held by a child in this scene.
Smith Wesson M P The Viet Cong soldiers order the POW's to play Russian Roulette with a Smith Wesson M P revolver.
Michael laughing as he holds the M P moments before turning it bingo players edc 2014 tracklist against the Viet Cong, shooting three of them.Cross-dominant shooters will often switch sides when using long guns, in order to be able to aim with their dominant eye when shouldering the weapon.M60 Machine Gun -.62x51mm nato.What appears to a different firearm is seen from the latter part of the movie.Stevens legs are shattered in the fall, and Michael carries him on his back.M60 A US helicopter that manages to save Nick ( Christopher Walken ) has two M60 machine guns mounted.12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun is seen on the rifle rack in Michael's house.M2 Flamethrower Michael ( Robert De Niro ) uses an M2 Flamethrower to torch a Vietnamese soldier.I'm getting more ass than a toilet seat and Axel here, he's getting fatter than ever.The "Long Action" was phased out in 1948.A soldier firing the M60 on the ride side of the same chopper.This page contains spoilers!From now on, you're on your own Michael: Stanley, see this?Dont worry, it wont take long.

Colonel is seen with a holstered revolver, most likely a Smith Wesson but due to lack of screen time it's impossible to tell.
After Michael and Nick survive three rounds, Michael turns the gun on the games ringleader, and he and Nick seize the weapons of their other captors and kill them.
Axel takes a Smith Wesson Model 10 revolver with 2" barrel out of Stan's waistband to show Michael.