Due to the lack of a studio that met their requirements in Surabaya, the band moved.
Dewa 19 (Pronounced in Indonesian, dewa sembilanbelas often referred to as, dewa, were.
8 Meanwhile, Andra plays guitar for his own group Andra and The BackBone, Wong Aksan became the drummer for the group Potret, Erwin is the bassist for the group Matadewa collaborates with various musicians, Yuke joined a supergroup ayli Project, Ari Lasso developed his solo.
Bintang Lima was a huge commercial success, selling over.7 million copies in Indonesia.Dewa is also an Indonesian word meaning 'god or 'deity'.The name Dewa is an acronym of the founding members' names: D from Dhani (keyboard, vocals E from Erwin Prasetya (bass guitar W from Wawan Juniarso (drums) and A from Andra (guitar).Wong departed too after the following album Pandawa Lima was finished in 1997 and was replaced by Bimo Sulaksono, a former member resultat loto du 17 12 2016 of NetralNot long thereafter Bimo left Dewa 19 and together with Bebi formed the band Romeo.Jakarta, where after a number of rejections by record companies, a Dewa 19 master was finally recorded by Team Records.The band was initially based at Wawan's dorm.
Later, in the same year Dewa, returned their name to Dewa 19 again.
He was replaced by Agung Yudha.East Java during that time.In 2007, Tyo Nugros one slot gpu left Dewa 19 due to a leg injury the left him unable to play drums.Wanting to take a different direction, Wawan left the band in 1988 and formed Outsider with.Mainstream success, line-up instability, disbanding (1991-2011) edit, the first album, dewa 19 was released in 1992.In this album their signature songs are Roman Picisan, Dua Sejoli, Risalah Hati, Separuh Nafas, Lagu Cinta Sayap-Sayap Patah.Dhani is now the president and manager of his own Republik Cinta (Love Republic) Management, which produces/manages various artists and groups, such as The Virgin, Mulan Jameela, 5 he is also playing for The Rock 6 (now.R.I.A.D.) 7 Mahadewa (featuring Judika as the lead.By using Twitters services you agree to our.9 Discography edit Studio albums edit Dewa 19 (1992) Format Masa Depan (1994) Terbaik-Terbaik (1995) Pandawa Lima (1997) Bintang Lima (2000) Cintailah Cinta (2002) Laskar Cinta (2004) Republik Cinta (2006) Kerajaan Cinta (2007) Live albums edit Atas Nama Cinta I II (2004) Live in Japan.3 Answering rumours that the band had broken up Ahmad Dhani stated that Dewa 19 is currently disbanded, but hasn't permanently broken up 4 Post-Dewa activities edit Side projects, solo careers, recent activities (2011-present) edit Each member of Dewa 19 has developed their own side.The band was formed in 1986 there have been a number of changes to the lineup and finally they were disbanded in 2011.