See 'bag of shit'.
The area between the buttocks.
E.g."You could tell he was a heavy smoker, cos he had little holes all over his t-shirt from blimps." blinder Noun.A sandwich, particularly one that contains sauce type condiment or other runny ingredient that may spill onto one's clothes, for example egg banjo (fried egg sandwich).An annual celebration of the foiling of an attempt to blow up The Houses of Parliament in 1605.Northern English use copyright of the dictionary and all graphics belong to Ted Duckworth.A person employed to eject troublemakers from clubs or events.The female genitals, but alluding to the pubic hair.
Also a bell in every tooth.
Manchester rhyming slang for rotten, from bobbins of cotton.Both uses are rhyming slang on 'shite' (shit).Also biscuit ersed, from Scottish pronunciation.E.g."I didnt come home until the next morning, and with lipstick on my shirt collar, I was promptly bin-bagged." Merseyside use binge Noun.An expression of anger, frustration, or defiance.Adolescent facial hair growth.A false charge or allegation, an undeserved punishment.Often said of a person.E.g."There's no doubt, she's bob on with her facts." North-west/Manchester use Bob's your uncle Phrs.A solicitor or barrister.Informal blow the whistle on Vrb phrs.1000, a thousand comment gagner de l argent avec un groupe facebook pounds sterling.'brassy' and 'brass monkeys'.