Updated on October 24, 2011, pok-A-Tok is a fast-paced ball game played by the Maya of Central America.
Children will enjoy this accessible retelling of a story that has largely been unavailable in English.
Maya Ballgame Pok-ta-Pok, slideshow Download.
However, they had to undertake several trials in various Underworld houses, in which one, the House of Bats, Hunahpu was decapitated.Vivid characterizations, tales of revenge and forbidden fruit, tests of wit and strength and explanations of why deer have short tails and monkeys live in trees are all here.It also served to get a response from the gods: one team represented a yes and the other a no the answer depended on who won the game.The Maya wore heavy body padding and belts.It is their most famous game, which is thought to have been invented around 2000 BCE.Xibalba (translated as place poke ender's shadow of fear an underworld located deep below the ground and sea, in caves and cenotes, where the spirits go in the afterlife.At least three types are known during the Classic period (AD 300-900) in the Lowlands; the hip-ballgame, the hand-ballgame and a stick-ball type.When the Spanish colonized Mexico, the game was still going on, but without a religious meaning: instead of human sacrifice, the winner got slaves along with gold and jade.The walls of its constructions reveals the story of the Mayan ball game, which they called.
During the rise of the Mayan civilization, the game became an ancestral tradition, in which the rite represented the entrance to the underworld in order to have a fight between light and darkness.
Other explanations concern politics and warfare; to legitimate the succession of a king, to mark boundaries or as a substitute for war.
Ballcourts were often located within ceremonial centres and, usually, each important site had a ballcourt.Accordingly, different rules, rituals and associated paraphernalia were attributed to these games.The ball; a rubber sphere which is depicted in various sizes, could be hit with the elbows, hips and knees, but never the hands or feet.These twins became great ballplayers and were summoned to a ballgame by the Underworld Lords.Ball game scene on a Maya vase.The legend of the battle in the underworld.In the game, they wore headdresses and paint, leather skirts (of some sacred animals) or loincloths, and protectors on the hips to cushion the impact of the ball and to increase the speed of the rebound.Aztec temple, underneath a 1950s-era hotel.A point was scored for one team when the opposing team failed to return the ball before it bounced a second time, or when the ball reached the opposing end zone (or when thrown through one of the two stone rings, a later addition).They believed in the existence of a place of darkness called.This video is animated using actual Maya artwork found on pottery and murals.