Pig smorgas are gourmet version of toaster oven concoctions that "high" high schoolers might make.
Entrees are heavy on seafood, with largely winning results.
Old favorites - spicy turnip greens, jalapeno slaw and carnita tacos - are still worth saying "ole" to as well.
Creative Loafing Atlanta: iv calc poke assistant It's got a quirky, vegetarian-friendly menu, but the laid-back, smoky nighttime bar scene is what brings in scruffy Cabbagetown regulars.Creative Loafing Atlanta: Standouts include fried oysters over creamed spinach and killer desserts such as the dreamy tapioca pudding.Creative Loafing Atlanta: After you dine at the attached restaurant, shop for authentic Mexican imports from furniture to keepsakes.Hotel Silken Ciudad De Vitoria 5 131.I've complained but received no response; - noisy room; - there was a constant smell of cigarette in the last days.Creative Loafing Atlanta: Chic decor, bistro food, a crowded bar, a hot Euro waitstaff and a diet-busting dessert case.Harvest dinner on Tuesdays.Creative Loafing Atlanta: Originally opened in 1995, Canoe has long been a favorite among Atlanta's upper crust.Creative Loafing Atlanta: Thirsty?Entendemos que la ciudad tenga sus actividades pero nos hubiera gustado que nos lo dijeran con tiempo.This food is not modern, but it's hardly old-fashioned.
Watch out for the price tag on the prized Kobe beef!
Creative Loafing Atlanta: Joe's deck provides such a cozy spot for quaffing a cold one and enjoying the view of Midtown's skyscrapers that you needn't bother checking out the ersatz roadhouse decor deux cent cinquante mille euros à la loterie fly emirates of the interior.Creative Loafing Atlanta: Seafood specials can be really special.Creative Loafing Atlanta: A British-style watering hole serving dishes such as fish and chips, sausage and mash and curries.Creative Loafing Atlanta: Much of chef Steven Satterfield's cooking resembles home cooking - not aw-shucks kountry kookin but honest, straightforward food made with stellar ingredients.Gracious service and a good wine program make up for the occasional misstep in the kitchen.Creative Loafing Atlanta: Order a gigantic black Angus burger plus a side and pay for less than comparable fast-food fare.Creative Loafing Atlanta: Cajun cuisine.Service is attentive and well-accessorized to the disco tunes playing in the background.There is no heater to put on, only cold air and it is ridiculous since it is located in Vitoria, a cold area.Creative Loafing Atlanta: The chicken hearts tacos, served on two warm corn tortillas, is a must-eat dish.

Every time we came back and had to park I had to leave the car in front of the hotel, walk over to the reception and wait for the receptionist to be done with whatever she was doing to acknowledge me and open the garage.