"Natalee Mom 'Crushed' By Legal Setback".
Permanent dead link "Holloway suspect planned escape to Chile".60 58 On 24 November 2008, Fox News ' On the Record aired an interview with Van der Sloot in which he said that he sold Holloway into sexual slavery, receiving money both when Holloway was taken, and later on to keep quiet.Goldman, Russell; Brouwer, Christine.Authorities determined that this information was false, because the house had not yet been built at the time of Holloway's disappearance. Arjan Hamburger, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Peru 159 Media coverage at Miguel Castro prison edit Van der Sloot's cell became the target of a media circus, with reporters vying to gain exclusive access and report about his prison surroundings.112 113 The lab report does not indicate whether the victim took the drugs willingly or unknowingly.Joran thought van der Eem was his friend.Joran was trying to impress.In the text message van der Sloot reportedly wrote, "I have some cash with me still so I am fine just lost the bank card and the ticket back today is 520 I would have liked to be able to be back today but cant."After that, people started pointing fingers at him she said.Pulitzer, Lisa Thompson, Cole (2011).
"Natalee Holloway's mother sneaks into jail, confronts suspect".
105 She suffered blunt-force trauma to her head, which caused a brain hemorrhage, cranial fracture, and broken neck.A b "Holloway suspect involved in Thai sex trade".It's: 'if, if if' But if he killed Stephany, then he will have to carry the burden of that she said.Kelly, Beth Holloway's legal representative, with an offer to reveal the location of Natalee's body and the circumstances surrounding her death for an advance of 25,000 against a total of 250,000.Police released Croes Monday after a judge ruled there was not enough evidence to hold him.Archived from the original on Retrieved Costigan, Christopher (June 9, 2010)."Van der Sloot charged with murder in Peru".

De Vries has pursued Van der Sloot in undercover reports On, after being challenged on the Dutch late-night talk show Pauw Witteman by crime reporter Peter.