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Rance Quest Magnum includes the base game Rance Quest and all of the content from the Magnum expansion. Rance Quest Magnum features additional CGs, missions, and an expanded story compared to the base version. During Rance Quest Magnum, Rance is found on the island nation of Nippon as he hears about a beautiful princess named Kouhime. On his way, he meets Nobunaga Oda, who was entrusted with commanding the army of Owari.


Forgot your password? By littleshogunJuly 14, in Visual Novel Talk.

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Yes it's happen, and apparently this time Alicesoft decided to do it by themselves instead of ask Mangagamer. As for me, while granted that I did say we didn't really need a sequel seeing that Evenicle story here is basically complete enough, I'm still interested with this seeing that it mean more gameplay VN. For more info, we also have both of Quof and Steiner working on the transaltion so you didn't need to worry about bad translation.

Rance quest magnum gets february release date in the west

As for mosaic, unfortunately it would be still there but then again I didn't care much about it, and beside it's not like that the artist would draw something under the mosaic. As for the plan, Alicesoft will release the trial that will cover up to the end of Chapter 1 at Steam in the upcoming few weeks later. Lastly I hope that they'll be able to release this in the near future.

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Here's the tweet from Alicesoft They just set their English twitter a few days ago for the proof in regard of the news itself. Is it better than the first game?

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I liked Evenicle's story and combat system overall, and some of the heroines, but I didn't like the protagonist, just the same person throughout the entire game with zero personality, and other heroines were a pain in the ass also. I really don't understand why they decided to make the UI cover even more of the screen.

It took up too much space already in the first game, and now it's even worse.

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Literally half the screen is covered by the UI. Not sure but this isn't the first eng release of the alicesoft? I believe that they do not try to make a version 'inferior' to that made by third parties aka Mangagamerswho wants to start with the left foot in the market? And so I think they're likely to consider releasing the game uncensored. Well, of course, this is just my speculation and God only knows if they will launch with or without moisacs.

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Late to inform this. We'll going to have the trial released at August 17th later, and I hope that the trial would be more than enough to show the gameplay and the story. Of course I'll try it later, and I'll try to write my take on that here later.

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The tweet about the trial release date below. By the way Alicesoft already introduce two of the main heroine, and I'll try to summarize their setting along with their VA as well later. That said one of the heroine family name did give us a clue though on what kind of world that happen to be the main setting, and it should be obvious which if you already finished Evenicle Sound too obvious though.

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The trial is out, so if you want to see Evenicle 2 now you can download it right now. Here's the tweet for the proof below. Kinda expected that to happen.


Given Valve's track record, I'm more surprised they actually let Alicesoft sell the original game completely uncensored on Steam. From my understanding when Evenicle 1 came out on Steam it was during the time Steam allowed just about anything regardless of content, if they tried to release that today it would likely get rejected, Steam is just very inconsistent with it's policies related to such content but I've also heard they banned a bunch of all-ages visual novels for no reason at all.

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Evenicle 2 Overseas Release Announcement by Alicesoft. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted July 14, GilangMr Poltroondroganpc and 1 other Like Loading Link to post Share on other sites. Soul Hunter 2 Posted July 14, Seraphim Posted July 14, The Striker 47 Posted July 15, Posted July 15, I already know that this would happen but i'm still so happy about this news.

Cardinal 13 Posted July 15, This is just perfect, i hope they release it soon with mangagamer alicesoft good translation. I dont even care about the mosaic.

Alicesoft translator arunaru cuts ties with mangagamer

Posted July 18, Posted July 23, edited. Posted August 18, edited.

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MangaGamer is a video game publisher specializing in the English localization and distribution of Japanese visual novels.


Rance is an adult fantasy RPG series started by Alicesoft in


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