Other times, a company may choose to have a checklist of possible sources, noting those present in a given piece of equipment.
Digital versions may be text-based, line drawings, or graphical procedures and the advantages are many.
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It also requires employers to have and/or create updated line drawings for each piece of equipment that requires a lockout/tagout procedure, which is often a difficult task.
There is an absolute advantage to having graphical lockout procedures available for daily use as well as the inherent efficiency advantage to more easily conducting annual auditing tasks by the safety team.Graphical Lockout/Tagout Procedures, the current gold standard for lockout/tagout procedure formats is undoubtedly the picture-based graphical approach.This method is sometimes used for large pieces of equipment or system-based lockout/tagout procedures where the complexity of the process warrants the extra investment in customized formats such as this.With the advancement of technology, the ability to maintain only electronic copies of procedures has become a very real possibility for many companies.Line drawings typically work by providing a birds-eye view or possibly 3D view of the equipment to serve as a map to help locate the isolation points.While line drawings do provide dramatically better clarity to the authorized employee as to where the lockout points are, there are still many areas for ambiguity when trying to translate a line drawing into a real-world setting.While the added visual is helpful, those without knowledge of piping diagrams will find the procedure confusing.Larger and multi-site businesses may find the added benefits of graphical lockout/tagout procedures to be more of a necessity to manage program adoption and longevity.Often, a set of numbered steps presented for the employee to use.Physical 3-ring binders can always serve as an ultimate backup and procedures can still be mounted on the equipment to help enhance the program.Like all procedures, text based procedures briefly describe the equipment or machines they apply to, followed by a list of steps that must be followed to properly lock out the equipment.Some procedures will be simple and straight forward to follow while other procedures will be far more complex and involve referencing other outside procedures (such as confined space procedures or arc flash procedures ) to compete the full lockout/tagout process.Facebook, instagram, instagram is a simple way to capture and share the worlds moments.

Including graphical tags with this solution helps bring the program together to help aid the authorized user to process the lockout/tagout procedure steps more quickly.
By using standard P ID symbols, employees are able to determine the type of disconnect for each source, aiding in the selection of the correct lockout devices.