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Z5 12-Oct-2018 The Stone Cave, plan tpe casinos by Kevan Davis.
Z5 05-Mar-2002 The Gostak, by Carl Muckenhoupt.
Originally made for a "game duel" on the tigsource forums, this was released again (with some improvements) for the IGF Pirate Kart, and a "Deluxe" version was made for Pirate Kart.
Release 1 / Serial number 000831 SameGame.A b "Les Certifications depuis 1973" (in French).Release 1 / Serial number 110920 plsg.Zip 11-Sep-2010 lotto bw schulung The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode.Release 10 / Serial number 011123 advent.Z5 25-Jan-1998 Sins Against Mimesis: An Interactive Theosophy, by Adam Thornton.Release 1 / Serial number 000001 Hummingbird.Zblorb 08-May-2012 The Town Musicians, by Colleen Boye.Release 205 / Serial number 970629 tube.
Release 1 / Serial number 071226 (the original competition entry is in Swineback.
Release 2 / Serial number 150331 Slackerx.
Z5 13-Oct-2008 Casting, version.1, by 'Trix.Release 1 / Serial number 110312 BrandX.Release 1 / Serial number 110720 Damnatio-Memoriae.Release 4 / Serial number 971205 (source code of this version is in the original basic program is in games/source/basic/bunny.Zip 02-Mar-2005 A text adventure interpretation of the first level of id's classic first-person shooter, created jeu casino spartacus by Jason Bergman.Archive contains English and Italian versions.