Ive tried cutting it with a spelen holland casino gridded acrylic ruler and a rotary cutter, but it is too hard to see the vinyl under the ruler and make sure Im cutting it to the exact right size. .
You can see everything I made here!
These shoes only take a few basic supplies two pieces of felt, a heavy stabilizer (I used Pellon 65, but use whatever you have machine a sous gratuit en ligne sans inscription 777 in your stash 3/8 inch wide ribbon, and a 36 inch shoelace.But I realized I will never get better at working with vinyl if I dont actually use it!You can find it by clicking here.My quilt design is based off a traditional log cabin quilt block (one of my favorite quilt blocks). .The one tip I do have to share pertains to cutting the vinyl. .Ill be back next week with another new tutorial. .
Do you like sewing one block quilt tops or do you prefer to create several blocks that are sewn together to make a pieced top? .
Its a challenge I set for myself to focus on using the fabrics and supplies from my stash before buying new. .Its an affiliate, so anything purchased through it goes to help support future Whitney Sews tutorials.There were five Winnie the Pooh fabrics in the box (along with lots of other goodies!).But I had such a blast making it and really hope you will give it a try! .I cut the facing at 5 inches by the width of the fabric and each tab to 6 inches by 11 inches. .It felt so great to get my sewing room set up enough to get back to sewing.I had never made a zipper bag with a curved top, so this was a fun project to design and make.Tape the curved piece to the top edge of the larger piece and you have your pattern.Once you have the PDF click here to watch the step by step sewing tutorial.I wanted the rainbow strip to stand out as much as possible so I selected a very neutral fabric for the rest of the bag and the drawstring. .I have several more curtains to make for our house and plan on making many of them this same way. .Have you made any fidget mats or fidget quilts before? .