Against: Gets expensive, looks weird.
All the usual noise sources are well muffled, making light work of long distances.
The three-cylinders beat isnt obvious until its worked hard, and jeux roulette casino youtube while not the creamiest of triples, it revs to its 6800rpm limiter with some enthusiasm.Roll is fended off pretty effectively and the steering wheel turns cleanly to allow brisk progress, even if this feels quite a wide car for a vehicle classed as compact.There are shades of Hyundai in there, but for the most part this is a bespoke design, and in our view not a totally successful one.The Kona tackles corners with an early burst of zeal, in that the steering response is initially quite quick.More colourful to behold than most Hyundais and more sophisticated inside, too, were it not for the slightly cheapening effect of an interior thats entirely black, headlining included.Comfortable, high-mounted seats, plenty of space and a reasonably clear control layout make the Kona an easy thing to drive, and if youre in any doubt at the adequacy of.0 triple for the hauling job ahead, fear not the well-managed turbocharger ensures decent.The Kona is hardly a keen drivers delight, but its hardly a chore either, and its certainly game for being hustled.
There are.0in,.0in and.0in infotainment displays according to trim level, the base option including Bluetooth.
7/10, overall verdict, go ahead if you like the look.
But there are ways of doing that without over-styling your car, which is the trap Hyundais fallen into.Its probably the most outrageously styled Hyundai the world has ever seen.Going big is the only way to get noticed, we figure.The sophistication stems from the presence of the large, tablet-style screen emerging from the centre console, the dashboards soft-feel insert and, if fitted, the head-up display screen emerging from the instrument binnacle.Theres relief in the contrast colour stitching and decor, but the all-black door trims look cheaper than they actually are.For: Refined, and it handles better than it strictly needs.Mid-range pull is good, too, and even though.0sec 0-62mph sprint is hardly rapid, the Kona rarely feels slow.Those banished to the back will find a decent helping of space, the storage of any luggage eased by the boots sill-free flat floor, which stays that way when the split backrests are dropped to extend.Upgrade to SE and you gain 17in alloys, roof rails, rear parking sensors, rear view camera, and smartphone integration, while Premium trimmed Konas include 18in alloy poke facebook definition francais wheels, a skid plate, climate control, auto wipers and lights, and keyless entry and start.Spains well-graded roads revealed little of the Hyundais absorbency potential, but the odd intrusive bump and its limited roll suggest a ride that rounds off rather than soaking.