how to give a safe stick and poke

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Aftercare is just as important with stick and pokes as it is with professional ink, if not more so!Remove the ink and rubbing alcohol containers from your work area to prevent cross contamination (your hands touching the tattoo and then these bottles is cross contamination).Some ideas and suggestions for how to give a stick and poke tattoo as safely as possible, using disposable gloves, a new, unopened, pre-sterilized tattoo needle (available online, if not at a supply store green soap, and tattoo ink in an ink cap.Testing (optional some recommend testing the stick and poke tattoo needle in the skin without ink.2.2 Prepare the area and the tools youll need for your stick and poke tattoo.When youre ready to tattoo, sterilize the needle by holding it over a flame casino rama orillia address until it glows, then wrap cotton thread around the needle to help absorb the ink.As with regular tattoos, shaving the area before inking to avoid creating infections or in-grown hairs is a must.The main components of any home tattoo kit are needles and ink.
Dispose of used needles in a sharps container, or in the safest way available to you).KH Try to make them as close together as possible so you cover the entire intended area.22 Did this article help you?Your skin needs to breathe so it can heal properly.Thats why we always suggest.