In the Configuration Summary page, click Extend.
Select Extend an existing WebLogic domain and click Next.
Before starting this tutorial, you should.
Ear file to the epmsystem WebLogic domain.In the Configure jdbc Component Schema page, perform the following actions: Select owsm MDS Schema In the Vendor drop-down list, select Oracle In the Driver drop-down list, select Oracle's Driver (Thin) for Services connections In the Schema Owner field, enter DEV_MDS In the Schema Password.The Web Service communicates with the Data Relationship Management Server via the API Adapter.Run RCU from the command line: C:t.The page is refreshed and the Request tab is displayed by default.Log out WebLogic Server Administration Console and restart WebLogic Administration Server.Note: In this example, Oracle JRF was extended into the domain earlier.The choice you make for the domain depends on your deployment scenario: In a new toutes les machines a sous gratuites unibet deployment, where you have not yet configured any EPM System products, create a new WebLogic domain.In the Locate deployment to install and prepare for deployment page, navigate to the directory and select oracle-epm-drm-webservices.
The Data Relationship Management Web Service is implemented in Java and is deployed to the Oracle WebLogic Application Server as a J2EE Web Application.However, if you use a policy such as the client makes a request to WebLogic Server to get a system generated token for the user which can be passed to DRM.In the Enter General Information page, perform the following actions: In the Name field, enter epmpolicySet Select Enabled check box In the Type of Resource drop-down list, select Web Service Endpoint Click Next.New York Times (December 1, 2006).Click OK to create tablespaces.In the Connection section, perform the following actions: In the Host field, enter host name where the OID server is installed (for example, drmobe) In the Port field, enter the OID port number (for example, 3060) In the Principal field, enter the Distinguished Name (DN).In the navigation path, click Providers to return to the providers list for myrealm.The Data Relationship Management Web Service Application Programming Interface (API) is the public interface for remotely interacting with the Data Relationship Management Server.In the Operation drop-down list, select getSysPrefs.The API Adapter must be configured using the Data Relationship Management Configuration Console.For example: You can have only one policy at a time attached to the DRM Web Service.In the Configure jdbc Data Sources page, click Next.At the bottom, click (Append).

In the Authentication Providers table, click oidauthentication.
When you configure a Data Relationship Management application, you set up API Adapter Hosts on the Host Machines tab.
To Split Into Two Operations, The New York Times (October 7, 2008).