Measuring Progress Points in each of the five wellness areas were earned and recorded daily by each participant.
October 16 Health Fair Conference Centre/ North End of the Cafeteria/Atrium 11 1:30 pm Do you want to take a more active role in your health and wellbeing?Including family in several off site events was new for.Members need to know their numbers to decrease risk fot things like heart disease, stroke and diabetes.A: Ensure events are accessible for all staff including offsite buildings as well as shift workers R: Work within small committee T: Passport initiatives run from November 1 - October 31st annually What need was being addressed by this initiative?October 23/24 Influenza Clinics Walk in North End of the Cafeteria 11 1 pm No Appointment Necessary Please bring your Manitoba Health Card Influenza Vaccines will be administered by GWL Health Services Employee Health Nurses.How was the initiative implemented: 1) Sought.We held an awards presentation on the following work day.
The initiatives are designed to meet the Healthy Workplace Policy (ADM-43).Members were also invited to enter teams and senior staff members were personally invited/recruited to participate and to encourage employees within their District/Units to join the challenge.I say okay, is there anyway I can get the money back instead of having a massive credit on my internet account, he says orleans hotel las vegas poker tournaments yes but it will take a month to direct deposit it back into the account.Once a month our bWell Ambassadors are sent a wellness tip and bWell recipe that they can forward along or post for their colleagues.At this point in time I say, Ok, may I speak to a senior representative, to which he replied "why?".How was the initiative evaluated: Staff volunteer numbers Leadership engagement Participant engagement Total funds raised Results: Achieved and doubled our goal, raising over 20,000.Timely: The activity runs for the entire duration of Healthy Workplace Month, and the quick and easy nature of the activity enables employees to recognize their staff on the spot.The results of a recent survey of 365 staff show that over 90 percent of respondents participate in the program and 91percent of them report that it has improved their quality of work life.Registration forms were made available online and interested employees enrolled by submitting completed forms to the challenge coordinator by email or internal mail.A healthy lunch, served in our large cafeteria, is the perfect time to socialize a party atmosphere prevails with a backdrop of live or requested music.These names were then forwarded to one of the District Wellness Facilitators to be entered for a draw.Healthy Workplace Roadshow- We had a cart loaded with wellness information about upcoming events draws and resources for staff to take.We aim to deliver a wellness program to front line employees, supervisors, managers, and corporate staff through education, available resources, diversity and inclusion, employee recognition, employee assistance program, and a work perks program.How was the initiative implemented: Role modeling excellence in workplace mental health and creating an environment that fosters lgbtq inclusiveness are two priorities outlined in tegh's corporate strategic plan.Our company has only a small head office of about a hundred employees, with the vast majority of our employees (about 10,000 nationally) working in a wide spectrum of diverse business units across the country.