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Setup Auto Heal Macros.
P!reason case reason removeinfractions Removes the specified infraction.P!unmute member reason vckick Kicks the specified user from the voice channel.This was a big update for me, I fully rewrote EverHack to make it much more seamless.You can view an example here: July.P!deletelog enable disable channel editlog Sets the channel where edited messages are logged.You can now view your location, and your targets location all within EverHack!Features many new updates!Master Setup, set Master toEnter Player Name.
Our Rise of Zek client has been updated for their latest patch!
P!blush member lewd Someone is being lewd.
July 15, 2017 EQBot.2 has been released!Community, topDiscordBots, copyright TopDiscordBots 2019.P!meme disabled Not all disabilities look like this.P!ship member1 member2 xkcd Show a comic from.EverEXP will show you what your actual experience is with bonus, and without!Teleport to any location in game.Healing System Large Heal Spell/cast # Fast Heal Spell/cast # Heal Over Time Spell/cast # Raid System Main TankEnter Main tank's name Pet System Pet Spell/cast # Damage Spell's System Damage Spell 1/cast # Damage Spell 2/cast # Gating plazma burst 2 poki System Gate Spell/cast # Out.It has also been updated to the latest EverQuest patch (07/18/2018).P!userlocale locale Name Description Usage botlist star wars episode 8 casino planet Shows a list of bots from Carbonitex, sorted by server count.Permanently levitate your character even after zoning!P!ban member duration reason clearinfractions Clears all of a user's infractions.Largehealmaintank: Targets the main tank, whether hes out of group or in group and casts your large healing spell that you specify.Only usable once per day (obviously).

EQBoT has a one time cost of 15 for a lifetime subscription!
P!say text ship Ship two people together.
P!brighten image invert Inverts the pixels of an image.