definition of poke in facebook

Underneath their cover photo and name, you will see the vertical three dots on the far right.
Stopping Someone from Poking You, if you want to stop someone from poking you, you can block them by clicking on the question mark icon on the top right of the blue menu bar.
When you poke gagner de l'argent rapidement avec la bourse someone, he receives a traitement d'un gain de loterie lors d'une séparation notification and a funny hand icon appears along with his name on his homepage.
Although its use has never been explained by Facebook itself very clearly, its use is only limited to making the recipient receive a notification.Was this page useful?You can poke only a Facebook friend.Trending in Social Networking Social Networking Categories About Facebook About Podcasts About Social Networking About Twitter Blogging Chat Rooms on the Internet Social Media Marketing Social Networking Games Social Networking Slideshows LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted.From your Facebook app on the phone, go the person's profile.Go to Privacy Shortcuts and choose the third option, "How do I stop someone from bothering me?" A screen will pop up where you can enter the person's name or email address.Sending a Poke on Facebook, there are a number of reasons to send pokes, both to your friends and to people who aren't on your friends list, including: Just to say a quick "hello".For some, it's an enjoyable way to communicate, but some people consider it irritating.Unlike wall posts or comments, which other friends can see, only the person you poke can see the poke.
Tap on this to open a drop down menu.
Facebook Explanation on Poke.
How to Link Up Friends on Facebook.Why wasn't this page useful?A friendly way of "annoying" someone and reminding them that they have you as a friend on Facebook.How to Find Out if You Have Been Poked.It allows anyone in your network to get notified about you.

Poke is arguably an outdated flirting method.
To let someone know you're thinking of him or her.
Sending Pokes from Your Phone, you can send a poke from your mobile phone in a similar way to using a desktop computer or laptop.