The Marker a different name to describe the puck.
Do you love to roll the dice?
The Outside Numbers the outer numbers of the box numbers (4,5,9,10).
The Pass Line bet a bet that supports the shooter.The Inside Numbers the inner numbers of the box numbers (5,6,8,9).The Insurance bet exactly the same as a Hedge Bet.A beautifully designed, fully physics driven 3D craps game that recreates all the fun and excitement of sitting at a real Craps table.The Buy Bet when you bet on a specific box number.This is popular because calling seven is considered a jinx.
A simple interface that allows you drag and drop your chips to place your bets.The Point Number the number that is set via a Come Out roll.The second column is the probability of a seven-out on exactly that roll.Craps Master 3D uses true physics on the dice rolls which means there are no random number generators or programming of any sort to skew the accuracy or authenticity of your game play.His throw is uncontrolled and chaotic, and it cant possibly make any dice arrangement useful, and his betting is out of touch with his throw and dice arrangement.The Lay bet when you bet against a box number.Getting Started: Craps for Beginners, introduction: How The Game Works, craps can technique machine a sous 6eme sens be an intimidating game for the beginner.Real-time stats to help you formulate your betting strategy.Books - Wizard Reviewed, free Craps.