cold 4 bet poker

But there are a handful of simple, easy-to-execute poker moves that can make a world of difference to your bottom line.
Play for Free paul van der sloot md on PokerStars to Practice the Cold 4-Bet.Related Reading: Cold Four-Betting for Value, when cold four-betting for value look for the opposite conditions compared to when you're bluffing. .Used either as a bluff or for value, cold four-betting will make your opponents sit up and take notice, and then usually fold.Look for the loose, late-position raisers we described above and get creative with a few cold four-bet bluffs.While just flat-calling a three-bet when you've got a big hand like pocket aces or kings can be appealing, for beginners it's far better to raise and play a bigger pot against just one opponent.Cold four-betting is such a strong line pre-flop it makes for a very effective bluffing tool.In this hand from the wsop Simon Muenz executes a great cold four-bet shove with.And since you'll have to commit 20 big blinds or more to the raise, cold four-betting willy-nilly can be a huge leak.There's a big difference between a raise and a re-raise from early position compared to a raise from the cut-off and a re-raise from the button.But on the flip side, when you cold four-bet with pocket aces you're only going to get action from the very best hands.
Cold 4-bet premium hands and bluffs.«Actions and Opportunities Preflop».Cold Four-Betting in Tournaments Cold four-betting as a bluff is particularly useful in tournaments - especially with a 25-big-blind stack. .Cold Four-Betting as a Bluff, in order to cold four-bet bluff profitably you need to find spots where it's likely the raiser and re-raiser in front of you are playing a wide range of hands and are likely to fold to another raise.That is to say his cold four-bet range is not balanced.But since it's a four-bet it's not going to be cheap so we're here to show you the ins and outs of cold four-betting profitably.We already wrote the book on the 10 Essential Texas Holdem Moves and now were back to bring you 10 more.The When: Cold four-betting works in cash games and tournaments but since you're putting in a fourth bet it doesn't work when you're short-stacked.The What: Cold four-betting refers to four-betting without having already put money into the pot.By cold-four betting you can increase your stack in a big way even if you don't pick up a big hand. .These days players raise and re-raise a very wide range of hands.