The western end has a cash cage and then beyond that is a set of stairs that lead to 6waves poker the vault.
There aren't any other corridors here.
If you're lucky, you should be able to surprise some of the terrorists 1).
You won't be saving any hostages here, so you don't have to worry about aiming precisely at your targets.You, on the other hand, should proceed to the second door.Once you're there, wait for the rest of the squad to join you.You will be getting closer to a much larger room.There are 48 (16 on the main floor, 32 in the slot room) slot machines.Zjeść obiad można w pobliższych restauracjach La Casina free spins casino kingcasinobonus co uk del Bosco i Pizzeria Mille Gusti, które znajdują się w 200 metrach stąd.About, casino Palms is the largest and most spacious onshore casino in north Goa.
You start off in the same room 1).After that, start moving towards the main vault 2).This entrance also has its drawbacks as the elevators are an easy spot to defend.You will come across a large staircase 1).Order your men to move forward, however don't send them to unchecked areas.Przechowalnia bagażu, ochrona całodobowa).Do to its extreme popularity, the Calypso Casino was later added as a map.You could also tag two targets for them, however this won't be necessary.

Use your tactical map often, so you won't miss anyone along the way.