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Distribution of the hands played AKA the high level view of the data.
Do you notice what happened during bingo ciutat de blanes the first 80,000 hands?You will flop a set.7 of the time (1.5).If you choose to euro lotto jackpot pl add a reset date to one of your player names, all users ( including yourself ) will not be able to view any results that occurred before the chosen reset date.The reality is that if I decided to call it quits after 80k hands at 50NL I would have cost myself thousands of dollars and perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars if I successfully beat 100NL.The lesson to be learnt here is that it can casino de royat restaurant take you tens of thousands of hands to beat a level so keep your head up and dont quit.Below are three graphs of periods within my 500k hands sample which almost drove me mentally insane.As you can see in the 100NL row I still have some work.Game 25M Daily Takedown 4-Max, Progressive Total KO, 1B Chips Gtd.You can also subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter by clicking on the follow button below.This way you can obtain the exact information you are looking for.
I think a very important lesson can be learnt from this graph.Prize 1,047,730,000.00, game 25M Daily Takedown 4-Max, Progressive Total KO, 1B Chips Gtd.Previous, next, winners for last 7 days, prize more 50,000.00.The post has dozens of insights backed up with data but Im sure there are things that can be included in my analysis.Not only did I not sustain my earlier win rate at the level but my confidence took a big knock and my volume suffered.In the long run your actual winrate and EV adjusted winrate will match.Top Shark Pro allows you to filter the statistics and rankings for any given player based on date, buy-in, number of entrants, limit and much more.Game, high Roller Club: 1,050 Daily Cooldown 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, 125K Gtd.The way I got through this blow was by understanding the big picture and that if I can wipe out so much money so quickly, the opposite is also true when positive variance is on your side.Find ranking information on any player on the major poker sites.If you enjoyed this post and want to learn how to analyze your own poker stats then check out this detailed guide on the poker stats which matter at 2NL.Before embarking on my challenge to beat 50NL I knew I could beat 10NL but always got stuck at 25NL so when I finally reached 25NL I was ready for the challenge.As you can see from the table below the 500k hands were played across all buy-in levels from 2NL (1c/2c) all the way to 100NL (50c/1).

Since I was able to beat 50NL at around the 400k hands mark, my focus has been on moving up in stakes and beating the 100NL level.
Final thoughts, there is an almost unlimited number of analyses I could add to this post but Ive decided to stop here.
The law of diminishing win rates.