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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress, divide the group into two or more teams of at least three people each.
Have a big stack of clean fluffy towels available, magazines and a large plastic basin for every guest to soak their feet.
Looking for some Easter fun for kids?
How well do you really know the bride?Like traditional bingo, each card should be slightly different but have some squares in common with each of the others.You play the same way give everyone a card and some markers.Valentines Day bingo game was a huge hit this year!The guest whose date is closest to the wedding date wins a prize.Speaking of your fiancé, they often arrive toward the end of the shower (with flowers in tow) as a surprise for the bride.Fold the papers, mix them up and put them in a bag or bowl.
If you want something a little more unique, you should try this.
If the maid-of-honor is feeling generous, she may pay for small treatments for everyone.If you need more than 16 cards, you can click here or on the image below to buy a set of 40 unique cards for a minimal amount.If the answers match, she gets a prize.(Check out our complete guide to hosting a themed bridal shower, complete with 20 ideas!Every so often, tell the bride to choose a gift rather than a slip of paper.Gift unwrapping is the most boring portion of a bridal shower, so instead of leaving your guests to strategize an exit plan, keep them entertained with some fun bridal shower games they can play while the bride opens presents.As with other pre-wedding events, the guest list should be limited to people who are also invited to the wedding.Cut out a picture comment gagner pokepiece pokemon go of the groom's face and paste it over the donkey's head.It doesn't have to, but it certainly can!

Some times its a big game like for Christmas Eve every year with all the extended family.
Write each name down separately on name tags and as each guest arrives, put a name tag (without showing them) on their back.