The soldiers heartily endorsed the canteen's offerings." -"14,000 Service Men Guests of Brooklyn USA in Month Catherine Maher, New York Times, November 29, 1942 (p.
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The organization hopes to provide 2000 meals a day for 250 days, which will require a fund of 25,000.Over at the Waldorf-Astoria's Bull and Bear Bar, where corporate executives go for cocktails, light-colored drinks, especially vodka-based, are the Chicago, whiskey sours are passee and pink ladies are dead, but strawberry daquiris and margaritas and coming on strong and the martini and Manhattan are.For the children's use, probably the cheapest answer would be those metal trays with legs attached-they are lightweight and colllpase for storing.The concoction, first developed by Taylor's father and mother (Mr.225) note: Savory recipes included in this chapter are: Coeur a la Creme, Pain Surprise (hollowed filled bread loaf Chopped Mushroom and Mayonnaise Filling, Tomato Sandwiches, Cucumber and Chopped Sweet Onion Filling, Chopped Walnut and Watercress Filling, Ham and Horseradish Sandwiches, Shrimp and Horseradish filling.
Frequently one or several kinds of hors d'oeuvres which can be easily eaten with the fingers are arranged on a platter and passed to each guest, at the table, as an accompaniment to the first course of tomato juice, clam juice, or similar cocktail, which.
Folks who needed help were served by private soup kitchens and government programs.Log Cabin loto 6 49 2017 10 25 Variety Breads (cello-wrapped sliced: raisin-nut, stone ground 100 whole whjeat Mell-o-Bran Waring Blendor Uncovers the seceret of a remarkable new way to prepare food Manitowoc Upright Freezers, McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract (Merry-go-round kit offer Schilling Pure Vanilla food colors (West coast McCormick brand.The New McCall's Cook Book, Mary Eckley, Food Editor of McCall's Random House:New York 1973 (p.Gets Dishes and Glasses Super Clean!Salad of mixed vegetables, pimiento cheese sandwiches, hot water gingerbread, banana, milk.Pan-fried fish, broiled potates, tossed green salad with French dressing, muffins, grapefruit jelly.We suggest: Molded/fruited Jello-salads, fruit cocktail, sliced pineapples bananas ( maraschino cherry ok) Deviled eggs, celery, olives, pickles, salted nuts (almonds, pecans, peanuts, filberts) Bread sticks, Parker House rolls, saltine-type crackers, potato chips Caesar salad, Waldorf salad Finger anut butter jelly, ham, turkey, chicken salad.Barrows:New York 1954 Main course Grilled kabobs Scalloped chicken supreme Beef and corn casserole American lasagne Tuna-potato chip casserole Savory meat pie Welsh rarebit with tomato slices and little sausages Swedish meat balls Fluffy meat loaf Baked ham with glaze - Betty Crocker's Picture Cook.The contest was won by a 27-year-old West Berliner, Dieter Waldman of the Hotel Kempinski.