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After you hit a couple of big hands, cash out so that no one catches on that you are working together.In the real world, its not that simple.If you see that the dealer has a 12-16 and machine a sous las vegas 50 cal it's more likely for a high card to come out, this is known as a stiff hand or a hand where the dealer must hit but will likely bust.8, if the dealer doesn't cover the side of the card with their hand, it may be easier to see.Hitting the sixteen against the soft 17 might be the only exception, but I'll definitely let someone with more knowledge about the matter than I have speak to that specific play.5, conceal the fact that your hole-carding or you may get kicked out.That increases the expected value of doubling.Look for a shuffling machine that holds the cards high off the table.13 For example, basic strategy says to stand when you have 17 and the dealer is showing.
The following is the basic strategy, based on an infinite number of decks, when both dealer cards are exposed and the dealer stands on soft.
For example, a 10 and a 7 would be a hard.
5, older model ACE shufflers hold the card 3 inches (7.6 cm) off the table.Lose a bet here and there to conceal the fact that you can see the hole card.Whether by fatigue or distraction: The moment the dealer departs too often from a forward stance; whenever theres the occasional tilt of the whole card toward sight lines; when a player is successful on run of insurance bets against dealer blackjack; theres too much animated.Walk around different tables and make a mental note of any tables that have sloppy dealers.Back in my blackjack and casino tournament days, there were a few exciting and legal ways to tilt the odds your way.Dealer errors tend to happen with all the distractions of a full player table, but the downside is that youre only playing forty hands an hour.2, an experienced dealer will deal every hand deliberately and low to the table.When you have the advantage, your friend can use a signal and you can bet a lot of money.Footnotes 1, david Caune's answer to Why do casinos disallow card counters?Where it became interesting was when I ran longer simulations, up to one million hands where the player could see the hole card.