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The edges lack in flexibility hence stands strong even with harsh usage.
All blades in the series are easily foldable and small enough to fit easily in pockets, wallets, and purses for everyday usage.
Blackjack Model 155 Neck Series Knives : Highly-durable 155 neck series offers a range of easy to carry knives which are durable and useful in tactical situations.The knives in the series are perfect for rudimentary jobs like cutting, piercing, splitting.Handles are strong and give a comfortable and easy grip to the users.This brand makes superior cutting instruments, not wannabe gadgets or built-to-a-price ordinary dull knives.These razor-sharp blades of the knife are long enough to assist the operator for self-defense purposes.The product delivered can be replaced with a new product or with the one which is most closely available.The company started its productions in Effingham, Illinois.Model 13 Knife series features unique design with a full-length mortised tang for heavy-duty tasks.This new age online platform offers a wide variety of products including handcuffs, backpacks, camping gear, knife making kits and blowguns.The series also includes a unique tik-tock pen which comes with a paracord neck lanyard which allows easy transportation when you want to cut down a little weight.Web browser based cookies allow us to customize our site for you, save items in your cart, and provide you with a great experience when shopping OpticsPlanet.
An aluminum finger guard safeguards the hand and provides a strong grip.
Smart buyers, knife collectors and knife enthusiasts who have a good taste in knife collection look forward to finding best-in-market fixed blade knives, folding knives and boot knives for various elementary and tactical purposes.These knives are durable and strong which can be used for longer periods of time.While making an excellent hunting knife and fix blades, a few classic Blackjack models are still offered by the company, including the Model 1-7, Model 1-5, and the ever popular Trailguides.Blackjack Model 3 Knife Series : The series is uniquely designed by Darrel Ralph from China.Even after facing a huge competition in the market, BlackJack Knives specialized in manufacturing high-tech belt knives, companion knives, tactical knives, bowie knives and much more.These pocket knives have side spring locks making the blades easy to open and close.