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Playing AK in Poker - Preflop.
Poker Math 301: Starting Hand Odds.
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BB B year END Nov / 17:00 - 21:00 1 - 2 Dec / 11:00 - 21:00.AT or.The exception to this is when you have an excellent read and feel that you have your opponent dominated or, more likely, you or your opponent is shortstacked (about 40BB or less).Best Answer: Winning against what?AK astuces poker texas hold'em dominates AQ as it will win a large percentage of the time.Learn the most important poker odds, understand poker math and use it all to gain an advantage.I most often just call with AK as I usually have the best of it when an Ace flops and I can trap my opponent who has something like is section of the site will give you the probability of certain hands before the flop.The odds of being dealt ace queen (suited) are 1 in 331.In the last poker guide, the basics of pot odds were discussed regarding when to call and chase.Only hand that beats me is AK (I know he doesnt have a 6).Celebrate Christmas And Wine Tasting With Us 20 December 2018 / 18:30 - 20:30.Occasionally, you might try some of the more unorthodox plays I suggest to mix up your game.
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AK vs AT: 73.Instead of pot odds being your guiding force.66 vs 22: 80: 66 vs AK: 55 66 vs AQ: 55 66 vs AJ:.Even pocket deuces will win more often in the extreme long-run when played heads-up against Big Slick to showdown.Kevin's Math Blog Kevin's Home Page: Calling Pre-Flop All-In with KK or AK: Kevin Gong.AQ vs unknown Re: ADK.How To Play Ace King.