It can be connected to any type of stereo audio source such as iPod, Computer, Laptop, CD Player, Walkman, Television, Satellite Receiver, Tape Deck or other stereo system to transmit stereo sound with excellent clarity throughout your home, office, yard or camp ground.
Input Voltage: Micro USB msp comment gagner beaucoup de starcoins /.5-5.5V Charging Voltage:.2V Charging Current: 1A Charging current adjustable via R prog resistor: 1A -.2K (default 900mA -.3K, 780mA -.5K, 580mA - 2K, 400mA - 3K, 300mA - 4K, 250mA - 5K, 130mA - 10K Two.
Specifications Adjustable Frequency: 88-108MHz Transmission Range: 300 meters Voltage Supply: 3-9V Dimensions:.6".6" (15mm x 40mm) Component List 1x PCB with Red Solder Mask, Plated-Through Holes and lotto lotto max numbers Ground Plane 1x 2SC9018 Low Noise RF Transistor 1x Miniature Microphone 1x 9V Battery Clip.
It's breadboard compatible so it can be plugged into a breadboard for quick prototyping, and it has VCC GND power pins available on both sides of PCB.Up to 99 Satellite Memory Channels: The IC-9700 has 99 satellite memory channels that enable you to store both uplink and downlink frequencies and operating mode.BA1404 HI-FI Stereo FM Transmitter - Special Edition Kit is an exciting transmitter that will broadcast high quality stereo signal in 88MHz - 108MHz FM band.You can also view cartables scolaires à roulettes the receive signal history using the waterfall display.Additionally, a touch on-screen keyboard is available for entering alphanumeric memory channel names.Temperature readings can be displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees.Get" Price:.95 In Stock: YES Quantity: 60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter Kit - Blue Backlight LCD 60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter kit measures frequency from 10Hz to 60MHz with 10Hz resolution.This will allow to measure up to 500 Volts.
You can control 16 individual microcontroller I/O pins by sending simple serial commands or write your own custom C T application.Specifications Audio Input: Stereo (Left Right audio channels) Output: MPX (connects to mono FM transmitter's audio input) SNR: 67dB Channel Separation: 40 dB Power Supply:.5 - 3V Operating Current: 2mA Dimensions: 1".75" (28mm x 46mm) Component List 1x NJM2035 IC 1x PCB.Module dimensions are 43mm x 21mm x 14mm (WxDxH).Built-in DV Gateway Functions, a static IP address can be set to the transceiver.Built with the VHF/UHF weak signal operator in mind, the IC-9700 is an RF direct sampling receiver for 2m and 70cm.Tests and identifies PINs of all transistors: Bipolar (NPN, PNP FETs, mosfets (N-Channel, P-Channel, enhancement-mode and depletion-mode mosfets Thyristors, SCRs and Triacs.RF Remote Control provides 4 momentary outputs that can be wired to relays and control home appliances, lights, motors, light dimmers, robotic devices, RC cars, computer, etc.Specifications Voltage Supply: 12V PCB Dimensions: 18mm x 59mm /.7".3" Component List 1x PIC18F2550 Programmed Microcontroller (MCU) 1x USB Relay Controller PCB 1x 28-DIP IC Socket 1x USB Type B Connector 1x Gold Plated 12-PIN LCD Male Header 1x Gold Plated 8-PIN.The robust PA provides 100W on 2m, 75W on 70cm, and 10W on 23cm.Schematic and sample Arduino code p Features 16 x 2 Character LCD display is controlled via just two wires Up to 8 LCD displays with adapters can be connected and controlled by the same two wire I2C bus Easy to control using Arduino board Compatible.NJM2035 chip is manufactured by NJR corporation (JRC a subsidiary of New Japan Radio, a company that is known as the world's best manufacturer of high end professional audio semiconductors.

Comes with 9V battery clip.
Specifications Frequency: 76MHz - 110MHz Audio Input: Microphone /.5mm Audio Jack Voltage Supply: 3 - 12V DC Input PCB Dimensions: 60mm x 40mm (W x H) Larger Quantities?
When attached to Windows PC the board will show as RS232 COM serial port.