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Often that is the case but sometimes it does indeed make sense to just flat the 3Bet.
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Hand history reviews allow you to see every hand you played within a given cash session, MTT or SNG.With your subscription, you'll get exclusive bonuses and the latest content by email direct to your inbox.Raise Cbet Both his flop and turn Raise Cbet stats are very low, so if he raises I need to continue only with the top of my range like top 2 pair.3) You decide to change your range. At about 10-14 youve got machines a sous gratuites et sans telechargement a tough player who likes to throw in hands just below his flatting range (if the worst hed call your open with is KTs, then he might 3bet bluff K9s and K8s). Your cbet is likely to be called, so just dont do it unless youre willing to fire the turn and hes likely to fold with a high Turn Fold to Cbet.Table of Contents, this pop-up is attached to my opponents Cbet stat.
You should scrutinize the sample size a bit more though just to make sure that it wasn't just a bunch of run good (you coolering the heck out of them a bunch) that caused the change.
Fold to Float If he checks the flop then Im definitely betting.
I am not a statistician but of course more hands is always better. So start by analyzing your winrates when calling preflop raises with hands like 22-66, 77-99, TT, JJ, AJ/KQ, suited connectors, junk, etc.Seeing a Turn Fold to Cbet of zero is very telling, and I should only double-barrel w/the nuts or close.Fold to Check Raise, he doesnt like to do this. These IP stats just about mirror his Total stats, so if I intend to call the flop it would be a huge tactical error to fold the turn as I should expect a bet.It is not always as simple with poker though because with the need to balance our range in many scenarios versus good thinking regs we simply aren't looking to take the same line all the time.Am I missing stats on my poker HUD that you use when thinking about post-flop play vs an aggressor?Also it helps them to start thinking about the game more independently.In Position Segment (Blue) Fold to Cbet Breaking this down between IP and OOP helps to play against him in each situation.These situations are like a balancing act. I should do so with a great value hand or some really good pairdraw hands that I can continue betting the turn on cards that give me equity. Now you would still want to drill loto max alberta number 25 aug 2017 down and see how you are performing with different ranges typesand againkeep sample size in mind before making huge strategic adjustments. The thing to remember is that these stats are relative to your game, style, skills, etc. For instance, if you play 50k hands you may only have 200 hands where you called with 22-66, and obviously even less when calling with a specific hand like 76s.